Yuba – display woes

After just a couple of hundred kilometres, the main display unit described below stopped working correctly. It bega with it occasionally not switching on first time, needing a repeat try, and this gradually got worse until it was taking 6 or 7 tries to get it switched on. Eventually it reached the point where it would just not start most of the time. In amongst this, occasionally it would start with psychedelic patterns on the screen multi coloured bars and stripes flickering, and only a full power down would fix it.
I checked the switch unit (which is just that inside – no electronics). I used a multimeter across the contacts, all was good.
Contacted the supplier, PSPower, who wanted me to pay postage back to china, lie about the worth of the device, pay any tax they were changed by customs, and pay a US$20 postage and packaging to have it returned. For this they would send it to the factory to have it repaired. I have never been really happy with PSPower’s service, even when they were E-Life Bikes, so may not be using them again.
Fortunately the display that came with the Leckie kit still works fine, so am going with slightly less bling and features for now!
Shame, I really liked that display!

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