Yuba – another go at the long ride.

So Tuesday 4th July, I took the car back to have the service and WOF finished (replacement radiator and steering rack bracket), and I put the bike on the back again.

Same drill, set off from Kapiti Honda at about 8:00, on a slightly overcast morning, so no sun strike this ride. Rather than use the bicycle path along the Express Way, I used the old SH1 which the Express Way replaced, to see how empty it was.

Being the old state highway, the road is in pretty good condition, with bicycle lanes painted along the side, and some short bike paths at roundabouts and key pinch points. So a quick whizz up past Lindale, over the Otaihanga roundabout, and along into Waikanae, across the lights, and on to Peka Peka. There wasn’t a huge amount of traffic on SH1, obviously all the locals still use it so it is still a busy road at times.

I was much too early for Harrison’s cafe, arriving at 8:35, so I carried on down Peka Peka road to Peka Peka beach. Here a left turn onto Paetawa Rd took me south towards Waikanae Beach. Some maps don’t show the connection between Peka Peka and Waikanae beach, so I am assuming that the Rutherford Rd extension of Paetawa Rd is relatively new (15 years or less). Rutherford Road quickly takes me into Waikanae Beach, turning into Williams Rd as it does.

I got a bit lost here, and ended up taking a fairly circuitous route to get down to Tutere Rd near the water front. Continuing south down Tutere Street and I came to a dead end, but the Kapiti Cycle Route continues on up the Waikanae River on well made tracks, and a little bit of single track where the river has washed some of the track away. I crossed the river on the foot bridge to Otaihanga Domain, and headed down the river through housing developments, again getting slightly lost before finding my way down to the beach road from the Kenakena shopping mall.

Once on the coastal road, it was plain sailing (literally as the wind was on my back) all the way through Paraparaumu beach, to Raumati Beach and then on to Raumati. At Raumati, I stopped at the Raumati Social Club for a cheese scone and a coffee, before continuing on, with a quick detour into Queen Elizabeth park, via Tennis Court Road, Forest Rd and Mackenzie Ave. In the park, I headed for the Inland track to the east, and then rode back out of the park using the new tar sealed bike path. This path joined Poplar Ave opposite Matai Rd, so I rode along Matai Rd to Raumati Rd, under the Express Way and then left onto Rimu Rd, to finish the ride at Kapiti Honda again.

A good distance again, plenty of battery left, and lost of exploration done ready for the next ride with Lynn. Mid week is a great time to ride these small local roads, most drivers are very cycle aware, and it is not too busy. I saw at least 4 other electric bikes, including an electric recumbent trike!

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