The wordpress upgrade

Thanks to Lis for pointing out that comments were not working on my blog, and also diagnosing the problem. It seems that the theme I was using did not work on the rather ancient version of WordPress that was installed by OpenHost on my hosted webspace.

So I downloaded the latest version or WordPress onto my machine, and also FTP the whole WordPress directory from the server into my local site. I followed the upgrade instructions into my local directory, and loaded it back up to my server. A quick database upgrade, and re-installation of the clean press theme, and here we are, up to date with the theme I want! Admin is a bit different, but I got this post up OK.

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2 comments on “The wordpress upgrade
  1. admin says:

    Sorry about not getting back to you, I only saw the comments this morning, I need to set up email notification don’t I!

    Strange about OpenHost, I am really pleased with them in all other aspects. Maybe they don’t get a lot of people setting up wordpress on the hosted space, after all WordPress provide that themselves.

  2. It is indeed worithing just fine now! Now we have to talk about anchored backlinks and on-page SEO I’ll be in touch 🙂 But if openhost is not giving you an uptodate version of WP then are being almost ciriminally negiligent – really pisses me off when hosts become part of the problem – not everyone has your technical skills!

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