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I went to a customer a few days ago who wanted an “all house wifi” system installed. When I got there I realised she had signed up for Spark Wireless Broadband, and had received her modem through the post. I have never come across this offering from Spark before, so was quite interested. Installation is a doddle. Make an 0800 call from the house phone, and a voice tells you you have activated the new modem. Plug the new modem into the mains power, plug the phone into the new router, and the modem, router and phone are up and running. The phone socket in the wall is now completely redundant, phone calls and internet are now all through the Spark 4G mobile network.

A couple of quick connections of the laptop and printer to the wifi, and the whole house is good to go. Out of curiosity, I tried a speed test, and download speeds were equivalent to the Fibre30 offering, and the upload speeds were 3Mbs or so, more than fast enough for most people.

Coincidentally, the next day I went to another customer who had been offered Wireless Broadband, which in their case was a much easier option than the Ultrafast Fibre option, because of Geography problems at the house.

It would suit my house too, but it is not available here, or at my shop yet!

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