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Windows 10 has arrived on 29th July 2015. If you are sick of struggling with Windows 8, or your Windows 7 is feeling a bit jaded and lifeless, the free upgrade to Windows 10 may be the answer. SOS Computer rescue have been using the Insider Preview versions of Windows 10 since May 2015, and are very big fans of it! Since its release, we have installed it on many PCs.

Windows 10 brings together the best features of Windows 7, and a few good features of Windows 8.1, and combines them into a slick operating system, that seems to out perform both Windows 7 and 8.1 on limited machines.

See my blog entry for some more thoughts on Windows 10.

If you are in the market for an upgrade it would be silly to miss out on the free offer, which expires in July 2016. If you are not confident tackling it yourself, SOS Computer Rescue can:-

  • Show you several working Windows 10 systems at our shop so that you can see what you are getting
  • Verify that you are entitled to the free upgrade
  • Check your hardware for health and suitability (check hard drive for errors, look at memory installed etc)
  • Install nearly 3.5GB of software from Windows media DVDs. Download can take a few hours on your home network, and the install is another 2 hours normally.
  • Tweek and customise the installation to your requirements.
  • Make sure an antivirus is implemented (we recommend Windows Defender which comes with Windows 10 for free), and that your email, skype, wireless/ethernet etc works, or set it up for you if required.
  • Do it all at our shop in just a day or two, so it is worry free for you.
  • Charge you just $120 + GST for a standard upgrade, but any hardware repairs and upgrades are extra.

No data and few applications are lost during the install. Most of the installs to date performed flawlessly, some were re-installs or recoveries after home installs went wrong, so took a bit of work on my part! Most software already on the PCs worked perfectly after the update, ridiculously old accounting software and games may be an issue.

Windows 10 is easy to use and learn, but has some really powerful options and facilities.

Call Dave on 233 8060, or call in to 39 Paremata Cres (between Barry Guy Plumbing and the Mobil Service station).

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