Windows 10 – anniversary updates

Over the last couple of weeks, I have fielded quite a few calls about windows 10 doing big updates without any notice and without being asked, and the problems caused by the updates. Obviously I mostly hear about the ones that go wrong, but in this case, because it is a “features update”, the look and feel has changed (the start menu most noticeably), and some people feel lost – removing/hiding the text menus and replacing with icons is

Issues that have arisen include WIFI no longer working, WIFI working but internet no longer working, wireless printers no longer working, wired printers no longer working.Two updates performed this afternoon to two customers machines ahve lost all the printers attached to the machines!

I also get some co-incidental issues, which were going wrong anyway, but were reported as part of the Windows 10 update.

So Microsoft have kept me, and presumably every other PC technician in the world very busy for a while, and I can’t see any slackening of the calls in the near future. They also appear to be alienating everybody who is not male with a pony tail, especially older customers (like my main customer base) and those less confident.

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