Ultra Fast Broadband

I have never been a great fan of the Ultra fast Broadband rollout, at least not for the general public. Schools, some businesses fine, but at the moment the speeds I am getting over ADSL2+ both at home and here at the shop are more than adequate, and at 16Mbs, are over half the best speeds I have seen out of UFB recently.

But, rolling out it is, and my customers are starting to succumb to the pressure and get UFB installed while it is still free to do so. One customer who has had it for a few months is very disappointed with the speed he is getting, and the fact that the $250 wireless modem/router he installed to drive his network, printers and network attached storage is now an expensive lightweight brick!

More recently two customers, one Vodafone and one XTRA have had UFB installed with very similar experiences. The two big ugly boxes were installed on the floor in the main lounge, as close as possible to the hole in the wall the engineers put the cable through, with no regard to the location of the main computer in the house or where other computers will be used. In fact in both cases, it was as far away from the computer location as it was possible to get in the house!

Because the boxes are floor installed in a lounge or dining room, and no other cabling was installed, the main computer cannot be connected via an ethernet cable. This causes two main problems, firstly neither customer had a wireless adapter in their desktops, so could not connect them up! Secondly, using a wireless adapter at those sorts of distances, through several walls and in one case through a television and associated electronics cabinet, reduces the wireless performance, and hence speed, down to an absolute crawl.

So the net result is, that they now have two big ugly boxes sitting in the lounge or dining room (rather than in the office where the previous modem was installed) that provide a significantly worse service, in terms of speed and reliability.

Vodafone and Xtra are ultimately responsible, but I think they are both using the same contractor (Chorus or Downer around here) to badly install UFB. Shame on you all for ruining the customer’s experience of UFB!






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