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For obvious reasons, Thunderbird does not provide any easy way of exporting emails into Outlook, I suppose most people would not want to do it.
Recent stuff ups at Spark seem to have made accessing (sending specifically) my third party emails via my spark account impossible to do in Thunderbird, and when I tested Outlook it worked fine. So I needed to move my existing inbox and folders to Outlook.
There is an import-export add-on in Thunderbird, but it is a bit crude, as it will not export in EML format and retain the folder structure.
A program called Aid4Mail has two versions, the paid for version, which does all the hard work for you, transferring from Thunderbird directly into the Outlook.pst file (I think). It also has a free version, which (for this task) extracts all the email messages into eml format, retaining the folder structure. You can select the highest level folder (i.e. the account level – one above the inbox) and extract to a folder.
The next part involves downloading and installing a copy of Windows Live Essentials 2012 Mail program. If you are using Windows 10, this seems to be a bit tricky as the Windows Essentials program is no longer supported, and the normal link does not provide a download. This page provides a link to the web set up, and this page provides an alternative.
Download and install just the Windows Live Mail. Use the import messages option, and browse to the location of you saved EML folders and files. After they have been imported up into Windows Live Mail, just use Live Mail to export them to Microsoft Exchange, which includes Outlook. Choose your profile, and it all happens automatically. Don’t forget to export your contacts from Thunderbird in CSV format, and import into Outlook. This part is relatively easy, just check the mapping of the email addresses.

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