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Following on from getting the Vodem working in Ubuntu, which was relatively easy, this morning I have been having fun getting the T-Stick working. There are many references on how to do this and I won’t bore you by going through it all again, this is the one I used. One extra change is required to make this permanent, which I gleaned from this page post #7.

15/12/2009 – I have created a detailed page about this subject – see T-Stick in Ubuntu under Pages.

Once all that is done, it’s just a simple matter of right clicking on the network icon, select edit connections, and add a new connection. With the T-Stick stuck in the machine, it now appears in the drop down on the first page, select New Zealand from the second page, Telecom New Zealand from the third, and ‘XT Mobile (Internet with firewall) on the next. Everything else should be OK.

At the moment, I can’t test it, as the XT Network seems to have some sort of catastrophic failure, the Telecom site is saying that all users south of Taupo may not be able to send/receive calls, SMS or data! Well I certainly can’t.

In order to make sure the card is working, I have put the Vodafone sim into it, and set up a connection to Vodafone (called Vodafone on T-Stick!) which works absolutely perfectly.

The Telecom XT network is up now, and the card works fine.

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5 comments on “T-Stick in Ubuntu
  1. Michael says:

    I managed to get by with a neat program called screenlets ( sudo apt-get install screenlets) and the net monitor widget set to net monitor on ppp0
    that will keep track of the data in and out via the t-stick

  2. Dave says:

    Not that I am aware of from looking at the windows set up. Wouldn’t that come from the SIM card as the connection would be based on who is using the hardware rather than the hardware.
    As you can tell I am not an expert in this area. 🙂

  3. Mark says:


    I am trying to get the XT stick working on Freebsd. It manages to communicate with the card ok, but just trying to get PPP working.

    Is there a PAP username/password for the XT network ?



  4. Dave says:

    Thanks Michael. Unfortunately you don’t get the dashboard that you get in Windows, so you need to find some otherway. You can register online to check out the balance of your account.

  5. Michael says:

    Managed to get mine working,

    Checking your data usage and such forth like you would on a windows machine
    is that doable , or would i have to use wine and do it that way

    Just a point, Users in Ubuntu 9.04 can still use this guide just change your APN to internet.telecom.co.nz.

    Hope to hear from you soon


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