Electric bikes – Stuff is arriving

In fact, all the expected parcels are here, and I can start to see what is missing!
The battery racks arrived yesterday, and one went straight onto my bike, but the one for Lynn’s bike is taking a little sorting. Lynn is only 153cm tall, and her bile has 700C wheels, so making a bike rack fit can be interesting. There is no available seat post to attach it too, the V-brakes are immediately in front of the frame lugs, and it is all a bit of a stretch for the poor old rack. However a little bit of ingenuity, some tiny brackets on the V-brake bosses, and everything fits wonderfully! Pictures later.

Today the main parcels have arrived with the wheels, controllers, chargers and the rest of the battery bits including the battery management systems (BMS). A happy couple of hours unpacking and sorting through it all was had, including 30 minutes vacuuming up all the polystyrene bits stuck to everything! Obviously there will be issues with wiring (especially the BMS) and things, but everything I ordered has arrived, and a couple of things I didn’t!

Finally the 4 new Continental Touring Plus 700x42C tyres arrived. These are a similar puncture proof construction as the Schwalbe Marathon tyres that some EV suppliers rave about, and are also of German origin (but made in India) and probably come from the same factory! We preferred the tread pattern for road and light off road use, and they were only $45 each.

So plenty of work to do, some more small purchases as I see how everything needs to fit together, but hopefully the build will proceed over the next few days.

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