Spark internet connections and windows 10

In the last 3 days I have made 6 home visits to sort out 6 identical problems in exactly the same way each time. Customers report the same issue, the computer is connecting to the router OK, but not to the internet. Some are ethernet connected, some wireless, some are copper wire broadband, some UFB and one was Wireless Broadband. One was a Dell desktop, the rest were laptops (mostly Toshiba I think). In most cases, other devices can connect to the internet OK. Conversations with Spark last for an hour or so, and finish with them recommending they get a technician in to look at the computer, or download something from the internet!

At the first job I spent 10 minutes trying a few things, before choosing the right solution, the rest I just tried the preferred solution first, and was successful in all cases.

So what is going on. Windows 10 updates are probably the cause, but all 6 being Spark customers is a bit to much of a co-incidence, so I suspect a mismatch between the two processes. Other than that, I have no idea!

The fix by the way is

  1. open up the command line processor in elevated mode (right click on start, choose “Command Prompt(Admin)”)
  2. type netsh winsock reset
  3. type netsh int ip reset
  4. type exit
  5. restart computer
  6. surf the web and check your emails!
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One comment on “Spark internet connections and windows 10
  1. Dave says:

    This is continuing to be an issue, maybe one or two a week at the moment, no nearer to knowing why.

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