SOS Computer Rescue

SOS Computer Rescue offers the small office and home office user a range of computer services, with an emphasis on fast response to rescue you from you computer troubles!

Dave in workshop

If we don’t feel we can complete a job, we will let you know up front, or there will be no charge.

We can help you with:

All computers

Troubleshooting and recovery
  • Recover data from “dead” computers – get those photos and files back.
  • Virus and spyware cleaning
  • Slow computers – remove spyware, adware and unwanted/unneeded applications and fix registry problems and other causes of slow computers such as inappropriate anti virus software
  • Security audits – make sure you have the latest versions of operating system patches etc, and adequate and appropriate anti virus and spyware software


Desktops (or hard drives as some people know them)

  • Setup new hardware such as printers, cameras, routers, modem etc
  • Diagnose and replace faulty hardware, such as hard drives, CD and DVD writers etc
  • Upgrade RAM, hard drives, videocards etc when performance is not all it should be
  • install and update drivers for hardware devices
  • Clean case interior and heat sinks, and check and replace fans to
    reduce noise and overheating problems

Photos of fans and heat sinks from customer’s computers

Laptops, notebooks and netbooks, and all in ones

Source, supply and fit if necessary:

  • Power adaptors
  • Batteries
  • Keyboards
  • hard drives and CD/DVD drives
  • Memory upgrades
  • screens

and recover data from completely dead lap tops.

Windows and applications

  • Windows 10 upgrade or install, including transfer/retention of data etc
  • Install new applications or operating systems, or upgrades to existing software
  • Troubleshoot drivers for your hardware, and update with the latest versions as required.

Internet, wifi and networks

  • Set up an internet connection and email using new or existing hardware
  • Set up a network, wired or wireless, or add new devices to it

and more …

Our hourly rate is $70 per hour, with a minimum charge of $40. If we don’t fix it, we don’t charge for it.
We also keep our maximum charges down – nobody wants a bill for 5+ hours labour which is more than the computer is worth!

Check out our fixed price list for our excellent deals.

I specialize in Windows systems. I have never owned, and probably never will, an Apple Mac computer, so I feel it best that I do not tackle work on Apple Mac computers. I am an occasional user of Linux on desktops and on small format computers, and am willing to advise and help where I am able.

We have some Terms and Conditions (pdf) that cover our work on your computers, which you should read before we start work on your computer.