As well as coping with one of the busiest periods the business has seen yet, and my wife being in hospital for a day and recovering at home for two, I have manged to do some familiarisation with the new Mimaki Vinyl Cutter. We visited our local vinyl supplier to get some supplies, and Wendy kindly raided the offcuts bin to give us something to get going with, until we get an account set up.We also bought some other equipment like squeegees, application tape, knives, cutting boards, china-graph pencils etc.

After a set of initials which now decorate the side of my desktop PC, and three different coloured SOS logos, we bit the bullet and decided to sign write ‘Simone’, the company car. Lynn did some basic design work, I tidied up the layout in Illustrator CS2, and cut it using Finecut 6. That was the easy bit! Overlaying the silver elements of the logo turned out to be relatively easy, applying the vinyl to the car was the hardest, not letting it crease is really quite hard.

So here are a few photos of Simone, expect more when the SOS Signs business is up and running.

Early signwriting on SOS Mini

Early signwriting on SOS Mini

Mini Rear Window

Early signwriting on SOS Mini

Early signwriting on SOS Mini

Notice how we didn’t do the doors – would have been easier, as both sides would have been the same! As it was we decided to do the rear panels, which meant each side had to fit into the panel in a different direction, a bit of a design exercise, just to show we can do it!

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