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Boy am I getting tired of people ringing me up and telling me I can’t design web sites. It may well be true, but it’s very rude! Just fielded a call from a total idiot (from a unknown company based in Wellington), who hadn’t even opened up my website when he started his sales pitch, got the name wrong and had to get me to spell it, and then started ripping into it! First of all I need a logo, which I don’t thanks. Small companies waste a lot of money on “vanity” logos, in fact some seem to set up companies just to use a cool company name or logo they thought up! Next I needed a gallery, as there was a lot of copy. Hadn’t quite managed to click on all the menu items by the time he came out with that one, I have several galleries. Next I need a Facebook page, oops, there it is in that menu bar again! At this point he went back to the start and started trying to sell me a logo again, so I hung up. Totally unprepared, unprofessional and possibly unwashed and uneducated, but maybe not the last two.

Sigh! Don’t get me started on the SEO salesmen with thick accents . . .

OK, rant over.

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