Raspberry Pi at the shop

The Pi has been on hold for a while, while we get the shop up and running. I did some work on a slideshow so that I could connect it up to a flat screen TV and show pictures of our sign work, but I never got round to installing it.

Recently though I put a stereo (that was spare) in the shop and needed some way to play my digitally stored music. I have several computers available, including my FitPC2 which is right next to the stereo system, but as this is also my internet cafe PC, I thought I would use the Pi instead. After messing about with the Raspbian distro (unsuccessfully) and trying to get RaspBMC to talk to my windows network, eventually I synchronised all my digital music onto a USB key, booted into RaspBMC, and played it on the media player. RaspBMC allows easy selection of the audio output, which I am putting out through the 3.5mm stereo jack, the other end of which goes via two RCA plugs onto the “phono” socket of the rather old Philips stereo system.

The results are rather good. The Pi uses minimal power (less than 1 amp at 5.2 v) runs very cool, is totally solid state, and the audio is more than good enough. XBMC is a fully fledged media player, so is a bit underworked, but a TV is available right next to the installation, so if I ever want to watch or play videos – we are ready to go!

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