Raspberry Pi 2 – installed and running

The Pi 2 in its beautiful case has been installed behind the TV to replace the PI 1, OSMC fired up, install completed, and the few set up tasks needed were done. The wireless settings didn’t install automatically from the SD card as before, so they were done manually, and obviously all my files for photos (networked NAS drive) Music (usb key plugged in) and videos (networked Panasonic Freeview recorder) were set up. Next I switched on Kore – a remote control app on my android phone, which automatically found the Kodi installation on my network, and quite happily took control of it. As the phone is a bit small and fiddly, I installed the same app on my Samsung 7″ tablet, which makes a really cool remote! Its not perfect, but given the number of technologies and the connections between them, it is remarkable for a free app, controlling a $100 media centre, through a device I got for free when I bought my Samsung fridge!

Finally, I downloaded some add-ons, such as NASA, Smithsonian, TED and one or two others, but some of these other add-ons appear a bit flaky, so I have some work to do fining good ones and getting them to work.

The new PI 2 is really responsive, and being quad core (I assume) seems to make it much smoother when doing many things on it, whereas on the Pi 1, just using the touch pad could intefere with video playback!

The media centre itself is very impressive, especially talking to the media centre in the lounge. It’s not particularly relevant, but the new media centre can stream live TV being received on the freeview box in the main media centre in the lounge. As the TV in the family room is also a freeview TV, it’s not very useful, but damn it’s clever!

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