Printer problems – Epson WF-7520 cancels large print jobs

I recently bought a new Epson WF-7520 printer. I bought it from Harvey Normans, in one of their sales. It’s an A3+ printer, and A3 scanner and copier, and has a fax machine thrown in for good measure. The price was just $300 NZ, which seemed a little bit too good to be true at the time, but we had just moved into our new shop, and needed a decent scanner and printer, and an A3 was definitely a bonus.

It’s a pretty good printer, I have it connected up to 6 machines wirelessly, 4 windows and 2 ubuntu, and set up and operation is as easy as. The scanner is excellent, and you can drive it either from the device or the PC, and the same goes for the fax.

The main issue I have, besides it drinking ink in some circumstances, is that whenever I went to print a high resolution photograph on photo paper, which is automatically “high quality” at least, if the spool file created was over about 5 or 6 megabytes, the printer would just stop (and eventually cancel the print) at some point during the printing. After much investigation and changing of settings, I eventually changed it to not to print until the whole file had spooled to the printer. I did this because I thought it might be the wireless network that was failing. However, the problem still happened. By now I had wasted a lot of paper and ink on partly printed photos, and was getting angry. To me it was obviously the printer that was at fault, and had difficulty believing that an A3 inkjet printer of this quality would not handle a decent sized photo. Some of the image combinations I was trying to print were up to 55meg in size.

While fiddling around with things, I was in the Epson Printer Finder utility, and clicked on the Set up pages, which opened up a web page with some interesting links in it. One of these was to update the firmware. I still have difficulty believing that a printer manufacturer would release a printer with a firmware that did not handle photo files above such a small size, but I thought if there is a firmware update, it is worth a try. Unfortunately it made no difference.

I had been using Windows Picture & Fax viewer to print, so I thought a change of software might help, so I switched to the Canon ZoomBrowser that came with my camera, which seemed to make a difference, but then after several photos, the same thing started happening again.

I have just tried printing off a different PC, my workshop P4 3Gig machine, rather than my Fit PC2I which has had a few issues lately, and I have printed off 4 or 5 photos with no issues! Looks like my Fit is going to get a Windows repair and a good looking at!


Dave Glover is a director of Signs of Success Ltd. married to Lynn (the other director of SOS) with 3 grown up kids. We live in Whitby, in New Zealand. After 30+ years in IT as everything from Trainee Programmer to Project Manager, Dave now runs a Computer Maintenance and Sign Making shop near his home.

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4 comments on “Printer problems – Epson WF-7520 cancels large print jobs
  1. Dave says:

    After 20 odd years of owning PCs and printers, you eventually run out of printer brands to buy, after promising never to buy another Epson/Canon/Lexmark/HP/Brother again. The very first brand of printer I refused ever to buy again was an Epson, a black and white inkjet that cost me over $800 at the time (1993 I think)! The heads weren’t in the cartridges, so they got worn down using thick paper and envelopes, and I had to replace it after a couple of years! Since then I have worked my way through most brands, and currently own the Epson, a Brother HL-2140 Laser and an HP multifunction, all of which have their problems, but all of which now satisfy most of my demands.

    Odd about your paper size thing though, I find it a bit annoying that changing the paper size involves a couple of extra clicks, but once changed in the preferences for the printer it works fine on mine.

  2. Jessica says:

    I hate this printer. I’ve had it for 4+ years and have had NOTHING but headaches with it. It refuses to print anything larger than letter size from either tray whether wirelessly or with a plug. And this is after trying countless things to fix it. It is the most frustrating printer I have ever owned. I will NEVER purchase another EPSON again.

  3. Dave says:


    sorry to hear about your problems, I have to say that my printer is now performing pretty well, since connecting it via USB cable rather than wirelessly or via ethernet. The quality I am getting is superb, and for the price the printer is good value. With the sort of problems you are having my first port of call is the retailer, the consumer guarantees act here in NZ allows makes retailers responsible for replacing products “not fit for purpose”.

  4. Lisa says:

    WF7520 from day one didn’t work right – wouldn’t print on Glossy 180g – jammed continually, even with plain copy paper. Epson,in their infinite wisdom, instead of replacing it with a brand new one (like their competitor does), sends me a refurbished one (they only send refurbished-unacceptable) & it was worse than the first. Same issues, however, when trying to print from MS Office or even Outlook, printer is telling me it’s out of ink, however, it will make copies on plain paper (after it spit out 2-3 plain pages, before it got to what I’m asking it to copy. Then their representative calls, nice woman, who says they’ll make an ‘Exception’ & reimburse me (but not the warranty – however, they are the ones that control it & will only send refurbished printers). They only sent me a FedEx ground label (not overnight) & Epson doesn’t admit there is a big problem here, and are sweeping it under the rug. They also had the nerve to tell me that, once WF7520 returned, they’ll send us (my husband & I) a refund in 4 weeks – are they kidding!!! I guess isn’t really interested in drawing extremely dissatisfied customers back to them in the future. with that ‘Attitude’. I am keeping the BBB informed regarding this & informed BBB & Epson only a full-refund is acceptable & within 7-10 business days. They did receive it & we’ll see what happens. When they do the right thing, re what I said above about the refund, I will close my case with the BBB & inform them, ultimately, Epson cooperated. Big Million Dollar Question – if something doesn’t work from the get-go, wouldn’t a big, big company like Epson want to keep customers happy from the beginning. Their competitor does, bought from them an unbelievably awesome Professional printer – needed an exchange (upgraded the model), NOT only did they send me a Overnight FedEx label, I was able to get the upgrade for a little less than the one I originally ordered & my refund should be seen by this Mon., Nov. 10th on my credit card. On another note, had a conversation a few days ago, with one of my best friends & she has a simple Epson Inkjet & she let me know, that she has been having a problem with printing issues – not printing right (print doesn’t come out right from MS Office program), jams – not wanting to print, the same issues I was having. Unfortunately, she can’t do anything about it, because it’s over a year. Whether you spend $70 on an Inkjet or $250-$300 for a WF7520, their main competitor, is making good & is being touted in a loud way (check out those reviews on line). Wanted to make people aware by me sharing this experience with you!

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