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Also while travelling in the UK, I bought a mobile phone from Orange for 15gbp (GB pounds), which included 10gbp airtime, so I got the phone for 5gbp. I brought it back to NZ hoping that it would just ‘work’. I tried the Vodafone sim card I got for my vodem in it, but got the ‘Enter unlock code’ message. I did a bit of research on this particular phone (Samsung B130 on the Orange network) and didn’t have a lot of joy finding someone who could unlock it. I tried an Australian outfit , Remote Unlocks, who took my money, promptly told me they couldn’t unlock it and promised me a refund, but I have heard nothing back from them. So beware of Remote Unlocks!

So, not finding an ‘official way’ of unlocking it, I resorted to the ‘free unlocking code’ which is all over the web for this phone. This comes with dire warnings from some that it will wipe out you phone and make it unusable. With nothing to lose, I tried said code ( #*7337#) which without any questions asked RESET the eprom on the phone. This wipes out all record of the Orange branding, but also removes the IMEI code, which may be fairly important to someone sometime. A little daunted, I put in the Vodafone sim card, and lo and  behold, everything works perfectly, with the one exception. The exception is web browsing, which is obviously ‘local’ and the sim cards are set up to provide the phone with all the required information to get online, but not the Samsung B130 it seems! Its a small loss, it’s not that good a phone anyway, web browsing would not be much fun on it.

Anyway, rather than use the Vodafone sim in it, I scrounged a free sim with $5 air time on it off 2 degrees, registered my details with them for another $3 worth of airtime, and it is now my business phone!

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