New Toy

Just before I went for a long walk on Sunday, I spotted a Mimaki CG-60 vinyl/cutter plotter on Trademe, just a few years old, and apparently little used. Bidding had started at $1100, but the reserve had not been reached and it had a buy now of $1400. After a couple of hours thinking about it, and half way up Boulder Hill in Belmont Park, we decided to buy it at the buy now price. So I rang our son Andrew, and got him to make the purchase.

On Tuesday, we had a road trip to Rotorua (900km round trip) to pick it up from Ray and Adair. On Wednesday afternoon, I plugged it in and made my first test plots, and downloaded Illustrator CS2, installed FineCut over the top, and within minutes had plotted my very first output from the computer! It works great with a pen as the tool. Next job – buy some vinyl and try some actual cutting!

Expect some more posts on this as I get used to it, and also try to get it working in Inkscape in Ubuntu.

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