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Just recently, the new domain name .nz was released, and as owner of I had first dibs on getting At the time  it was announced, there was a lot of publicity and hype, about how domain names are changing, giving the impression (to some maybe) that you could just miss out the .co and the URL would still work. I don’t get a lot of web traffic, but to keep what little I do I thought I would get the new domain name and link it through to my website.

Not sure why it happens, but what should have been a straightforward process turned into a bit of a mission. Because I reserved the name when it came available, when it became available I couldn’t purchase it and transfer it, and Openhost eventually fixed the process and I took ownership. Next a tried to redirect the URL to my existing website. This was fairly easy last time I did it (on a different host), and I thought I did everything right on Openhost, but it just did not work. So I asked Openhost support staff for help, who told me I had done the right things, but it had just not propagated through to wherever. 3 hours later, all done! So a big thank you to June at OpenHost for sorting out my issues. They felt self inflicted, but I know I did nothing that the system should have coped with!

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