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I just down loaded a new theme for my WordPress blog. Normally, if I was using the WordPress site to host my blog, I could choose any of thousands of different themes with no real difficulty. However, when you install it on your own space, it comes with just two themes, default and classic (which was the default until a while ago). Likewise, if it was on my own server, it would just be a case of downloading it and installing on the WordPress installation on my server.

In this case I downloaded the theme into my local local website folders, and then FTPed it into the /wordpress/wp-content/themes directory on my hosted website space. Simple really. I tried two themes, the first just did not work, and actually had a missing file in its code, so that was deleted. In the end I chose ‘Clean Press’, which mostly worked OK, but had a small piece of text hardcoded into the sidebar, which described what the area was for. I couldn’t see any way of using the admin function to change this, so I changed the hardcoded text, and removed the sickly yellow colour that was totally out of place on the clean theme, and moved the two files up onto my server. I may change my other WordPress blog to the same theme now.

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