Missed a month

I haven’t posted here for nearly a month. It’s not that I have not been busy, just that nothing has been that tricky really.

Sorted out a number of hardware problems, including diagnosing and replacing a graphics card, diagnosing a faulty motherboard, and scrapping the 10 year old computer, but recovering the data from the hard disk to the customers external drive, and finally diagnosing a faulty power supply and replacing it.

This last was possibly the most interesting, as the psu was sort of working. It would take 5 mins from pressing the power switch until it suddenly started powering up. After a few tries, as it became apparent it was the psu, it gradually got worse, firstly not recognising the boot sector on the hard drive unless there was a boot disk in the CD drive  (even though it didn’t use the CD!), then not recognising the CD drive, and finally not recognising the keyboard and mouse! At this point I ordered a new PSU, which was quite reasonably priced. However the ATX motherboard had a 20 pin power socket, and the new PSU had a 24pin (ATX 2?). I source a converter cable for $10, plugged in the psu, and everything worked wonderfully.

This machine was also running McAfee antivirus etc, which was up to date, paid for etc, but as the machine really was running like a 1 legged dog, I ran Spybot and Avast antivirus (by putting the disk into my own old desktop). After removing 28 spyware infections, and 7 virus infections, the boot time and general health was a little better. I am not really impressed with any if the big AV packages, AVG, Norton or McAfee. All seem to have their blind spots, all seem to be amazingly slow downloading updates to the databases. They certainly provide peace of mind for the client, but sometimes that can be a dangerous thing. If I do have to remove spyware and viruses, I use Avast and Spybot on the client’s behalf, and then give them the option of registering the software for themselves.

The only other job of interest was taking care of the aftermath of someone else repairing a PC. I still don’t quite know what went wrong originally, but a local company who supplied the PC a few years before felt they had to replace the motherboard, the PSU and the hard drive (although they fitted the original drive as a ‘spare’).

The machine came back with a newly installed operating system, various software that  probably came on the driver disk, including Open Office, some anti malware software and a bunch of other stuff.

The client by her own admission was a bit of a neat freak, and didn’t like the clutter on her desktop, start bar and hard drive, and also wanted her paid for AVG re-installed, MS Office selectively installed, and a back up system set up. Most of the tasks were easy, but Open office would not un-install, so I removed all the shortcuts to it. When I finished I had one satisfied customer, with a very clean desktop etc, with a little more knowledge about the advantages having two hard drives when it comes to back ups etc.

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