Items for Sale

We don’t really do retail, but we are willing to organise purchases of new items for you, either as part of a repair or to replace a PC etc. Feel free to discuss with Dave at any time.

However, occasionally we buy a part or item that is incorrect or surplus to requirements, or people abandon equipment at the shop rather than pick it up and dispose of it. So we have gathered over the last 3 years of operating from our premises quite a large amount surplus computer parts and equipment, some new, some used but with many years of life left, some fit only for parts. We have just built some basic display units within the shop, and when we started displaying the items we realised just how much we had accumulated!

This page will list some of the main items, but there are other bits and pieces, some of them pretty strange stuff, so if you are after anything computer or technical (I build electric bikes so have a bunch of bike related items too) give me a call.

Used Computers and Monitors

Computers and Monitors

Computers and Monitors

A selection of used LCD monitors, priced from $10 to $45, 2 weeks return warranty

  • AOC 19″/48cm 5:4 format with speakers, VGA and 3.5mm audio sockets only $45.00
  • DSE 19″/48cm 5:4 format with speakers, VGA and 3.5mm audio sockets only $40.00
  • Polyview 17″/43cm 5:4 format with speakers, VGA and 3.5mm audio plugs only $40.00
  • Acer 17″/43cm 5:4 format, no speakers, VGA socket only $15.00
  • HP 15″/38cm 5:4 format, no speakers, VGA socket only $10.00 (2 available)

A selection of used, older desktop computers, all with a fresh install of Windows XP SP3 (either Professional or Home Edition depending on COA on box), all hardware drivers, Avira free anti virus, Libre Office (free word processor, speadsheet etc). All internet ready, with working DVD players. If you would like XP replaced with a Linux flavour of your choice, eg Mint, that can be done too. 1 month warranty, friendly support at the shop available. I have some used keyboards and mice to suit these computers, so ask about a package deal – monitor, computer, mouse, keyboard and cables.

  • Dell Dimension 9150, Intel Pentium Processor, 1GB RAM, 250GB hard disk drive, video card, only $149
  • Dell Dimension 4700, Intel Pentium 4 3GHz Processor, 1GB RAM, 80GB hard disk drive,  only $99
  • HP Compaq dx2250, AMD Athlon 54 3.39GHz Processor, 1GB RAM, 80GB hard disk drive, 2 available, only $99
  • Acer Aspire SA80, Pentium 4 processor, 1GB RAM, 80GB hard drive, video card, only $80

New or as new boxed items.

Mice, keyboards and cables etc

Mice, keyboards and cables etc

Mice and keyboards – all brand new in sealed boxes.

  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile 1850 Mouse with micro dongle  only $23 each
  • Genius USB wired mouse only $15.00 each
  • Genius Keyboard, USB wired only $17.50

Other items

  • Network
    • TP-Link TL-WDN4800 – PCI-E wireless adapter, 450Mbps, Wireless N dual band, still in cellophane only $70 – Sorry, now SOLD but I can get similar items if required.
    • Telecom Home WIFI modem, Technicolor TG582N, opened but unused. ADSL2+, 802.11 b/g/n only $40
    • Edimax EW-7811UN 150Mbps Wireless 802.11 b/g/n nano wireless USB adapter only $40
  • Storage
    • ADATA 16GB USB flash drive $15 each
    • Kingston 4GB Micro SD card with SD and USB adapters, only $19.50
  • Laptop/Computer locks and tethers.
    • Defcon CL Combination Kensington type lock, steel cable, comes with brackets to attach to desk etc, only $50
    • Kensington “The Leash” – keyed Kensington lock, steel cable only $25.00
    • Defcon 1 PA400U Combination lock (not Kensington) with motion sensor and very loud siren alarm. Not boxed, but not used. User manual available online ( only $30


  • Maxlife CR2023 CMOS/electronic devices batteries only $3.50
  • Laptop CMS battery, 2 wire only $19.95
  • Deep Cool Z5 Thermal paste, only $12


  • Speakers, ACER, black run off USB power and 3.5mm stereo plug, still  in box and wrappings,only $15

Cables and Adapters

Network and cables etc

Network and cables etc

Dozens of cables, power, ethernet, audio, vga/DVI/HDMI, you name it we probably have it. Too many to display, from $2!

  • Power
    • Desktop power cords, various lengths, colours, plug thru mains plugs, rightangle etc, from $5
    • Figure of 8 cords for laptop power adapters, from $10
    • Clover leaf for laptop power adapters, from $12
    • USB wall adapters, from $12
    • Mains and car adapters, various plugs and voltages from $10
    • Micro USB cables, Apple 30 pin connectors etc, Garmin etc power cables
    • Samsung Tab 30 pin data/charging cables, only $19.90
  • Network
    • Ethernet cables 0.5m to 5m, lost of colours, from $8
  • Audio
    • 3.5mm stereo male/male, various lengths from $7
    • 3.5mm stereo male/female 2m $10
    • 3.5mm stereo to phono male or phono female, $7
    • Phono to phono, audio or audio and video or just video, from $7
    • 3.5 to 6mm stereo headphone/mic adapter $10
    • Microphones, used various from $10
  • Monitor/TV
    • HDMI 1.2m, 1.5m,  3m from $15
    • DVI and DVI-D from $17
    • VGA from $15
    • VGA to DVI adapter $15
    • DVI to HDMI adapter $20
  • Printer
    • various colours and lengths from $11
  • Telecom
    • Telephone extension cords, 5m and 6m from $5
    • small plug to big white BT plug adapters and cables from $3
    • Splitters $15
    • 2 wire, 10m wiring extension kit, $15
  • Internal PC
    • Sata data cables, various colours, 15cm to 60cm from $4 to $7
    • SATA to e-SATA on a tall bracket, $15
    • Molex 4 pin to Sata power and molex to sata splitters from $9
    • SATA power to Molex 4 pin, $10
    • 4 pin molex to 6 pin PCI-e from $20
    • 24 pin m/b to 20 pin m/b $20

Used parts

Rather than take whole computers to the recycling, I break them down at the shop, and recycle motherboards and cases separately. Some times I can salvage items, in particular hard disk drives, power supply units (PSU), memory (RAM) and DVD drives. Most of these just sit in a box waiting to be used in rebuilding old PCs, but if you require a specific hard drive or DVD drive, or some old ram which is getting hard to get, give me a call to see what I have. Power supply units are great in workshops for powering projects too.

  • Ram, desktop, mostly small sizes at the top of the list (64MB to 512MB). Prices go up from top to bottom. New ram can be acquired in about a day for more recent computers.
    • PC133 – $1 per stick
    • DDR 333
    • DDR 800
    • PC 2100
    • PC 3200
    • PC 4200
    • PC 5300 512MB $15 each
    • PC 6400
    • DDR3 1333 2 x 1GB $20 each
    • PC3 10600 – 2GB – $30
  • Ram, laptop
    • PC 333
    • PC 2100
    • PC 4200
    • PC 5300
    • PC 10600