GMA 500 graphics drivers

If you look around the web at the blue screen issue with this graphics chip and its drivers, you can see that many people are frustrated by it, myself included. I now have it to the point where it runs perfectly well while the PC is up and running, and it will go into and out of  standby no problem at all so long as there is a monitor attached. However, if my monitor is switched through to another PC using my KVM switch when the FIT PC comes out of sleep mode, its starts up in a horrible 640 by 480 4 colour mode, and eventually blue screens. I thought at first it was the FITVGA adapter, but I think it does it if it is directly connected via the HDMI connector, but the monitor is being used on the VGA connector by another computer. I am still working on a resolution, but don’t hold out a lot of hope until the drivers are fixed.


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