Garage Door opener – intermission

The last post about Garage Door openers detailed the building of the garage door opener, but blurs the time line of events a bit.

Initially I got the opener working fine, and it worked well for a few days, but was a little flakey – nothing you could detail, it just reacted strangely at times, taking its time to load or start. This got worse until after a few days it became a bit useless. Attempted repairs and some investigation did two things – firstly it just stopped working – white screen web page when browsed to and secondly that the images and videos saved by the motion software had completely filled the SD card. Deleting the images and re-installing various bits of software made no difference.

So I initialised the SD card, downloaded and installed a new version of Rasbian Stretch Lite and started from scratch building the garage door opener again. During the process I discovered the motion settings that turn off the saving of images and videos – the images and videos are pretty poor quality anyway, neither the camera or the Pi is up to producing high quality. In the future I may well record images and videos, and set up a cron job to delete anything older than a day or so, but in the meantime the system runs without clogging up the system with images.

Second time round it still took about 3 hours to set up the whole system, but the result is much better. It has been up and running now for at least a week non stop. It responds quickly, and the live video feed is just 1 second behind real life. The camera is useless in low light, so a better camera or possibly a relay controlled light is required in the future.

In other news – the Onion Omega 2+ IoT device arrived. Much more on this later, but I spent a few hours on Monday evening going through the set up process, and decided I wanted to add a micro SD card to extend the file system to 4GB for later installation of PHP, Python etc. I went through a process which proceeded to almost make the Omega unusable – the name change from Omega-48CD to Omega-000, which is a sure sgn of it being bricked. I fiddled for a while, and eventually it came right. I then decided to revert it to factory settings, when it promptly did the same thing, and no amount of fiddling would get it back. So it appeared to be bricked. I did the 10 second hold of the reset button which had no effect. I noticed the processor was running hot, so I gave up for the night. Today (Thursday) I plugged it it again, and lo and behold, everything back to working. Passwords, wifi etc were all reverted back to factory settings, but the software was still the very latest updates.

So I have a working Onion Omega 2+, I have a working prototype Garage door opener on a Raspberry Pi, time to start building the real thing!

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