Gallery formatting in responsive theme

If anyone actually looks at my site, they will have spotted that the galleries on 3 pages looked pretty bad there for a few weeks. I use the Responsive Child Theme from CyberChimps, and the latest update to of the free version did some serious damage to the way galleries work in WordPress. I am not the only user suffering from this, see

I have reverted back to version which has fixed the problem, but it still doesn’t play that nicely with WordPress – I can’t see some of the better gallery options available in the latest versions of WordPress. May need to look at a new theme!

Just tried (28/02/2014) which is the latest update, and it has the same problem. Looks like CyberChimps have not even acknowledged it’s a bug – definitely time to look for a better theme. Maybe the Word Press 2014 theme, it’s responsive and probably works with wordpress quite well!

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