Fixed Prices

Fixed Price Computer Rescue Services

The list of prices below is for a range of frequently requested services.
The list gives you some idea of our pices, and jobs which aren’t covered by this list will be charged at similar rates, so these aren’t ‘specials’ as such.

Where possible, we will tell you any variations to the charges before they occur, where extra work or parts are required. Normally we will stay within these prices.

Should a job be very simple or quick, we will charge on a time and materials basis, saving you even more. Our hourly rate is $70, and a minimum charge of $40 applies to callouts, more if outside the Porirua area. Remember – no fix – no fee!

Contact us for a quote.

Service On your premises In our workshop Service Overview
Hardware and Software set up
Computer Set-up $150 + GST Out of the box setup, make sure it works, connect to a network,
internet and email if required. Install a reasonable number (up to 4 or so) of software
and hardware items (MS Office, printers, cameras etc), and transfer settings and data from old computer if possible.
Additional or Replacement Hardware or Software on an existing computer $100 + GST Install up to 2 items of hardware or software (RAM, DVD drive, MS Office, Photoshop etc).
Additional items of hardware and/or software $30 + GST Same visit, applies to either new computer set up, or additional hardware/software setup
Troubleshooting, advice and consultancy
Security Audit $120 + GST Check your computer for missing updates to your software, virus checker etc.
Additional computer $30 + GST Same visit
Virus and Spyware Removal $150 + GST This is preferably performed at our workshop, as the software may run for many hours.
Pick up and delivery is included. Scan for and remove spyware and viruses using the most up to date virus database.
Internet Connection $120 + GST Install any hardware and software required, set email and browser preferrences, brief demonstration and training
Additional Computer $30 + GST Same visit
Two Computers Sharing – Wired or Wireless $150 + GST Install any hardware required, connect computers using cables or wirelessly (if appropriate),
set up require level of security, configure any sharing of resources required
$30 + GST per additional computer Same visit