Electric Yuba – settling in

It seems like weeks since I made the last modification to the bike, other than some panniers, I think it is basically finished. The last mod was a new front brake cable to give a little more slack when handling the bike. I rode down to Pack and Pedal, our LBS to borrow some cable cutters to trim the inner cable, and gave Darryl a view of the bike. He seemed impressed, even if it is not his sort of bike. And that is the story of the Yuba, wherever it goes, people notice it, some smile, some laugh, some comment on some aspect of it but even school kids think it has a certain “coolness” about it.

I overtook another electric bike the other day while going over the ramp in Porirua, one of my computer customers in fact, which surprised me a little, as I know he likes to get a move on when he is riding his bike, which is a German brand with a Bosch motor system. Still felt good though!

I am now up to 330km, which is not a lot, but the weather was particularly foul for the first few weeks of ownership, and the last couple of weeks have been nicer, but I have been busy, and quite a few jobs involve picking up and dropping off fragile computers. However, I am getting the feel of the motor system and the bike. There are definitely tricks and wrinkles to getting the best out of the bike while making it fun to ride. The first is not to be afraid of upping the PAS level when riding hills, yes it uses a bit more power, but it does mean I can pull a higher gear without straining my aging body! The second is to use the gears and to change gear early (because of the gear sensor). A lot of time is spent in higher gears, at a high pedalling cadence with zero assistance, which is great. When the cadence drops, power gradually kicks in which is starting to feel very natural.  It is really difficult to describe all the different subtle things that one learns riding this type of system and bike.

I have taken to riding the local cycle paths to Porirua, through Bothamley park. On the long wheelbase, heavy bike this is so much fun. The bike is steady as a rock, corners so smoothly, rides the bumps on it’s 2.125″ tyres. Downhill is so much fun, completely powered by gravity! Uphill is where the bike comes into its own, with gears and power to spare it really is a fun ride back up to the top! The old ebike was excellent too, just in a different way.

The coffee cup holders built into the rear deck work really well, the sales assistants in Mega Mitre 10 really liked them as I rode through the drive through to pick up some galvanised bolts!

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