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I put some new brake pads on the bike, and very soon after I started to get problems with the system cutting out. All lights would show, but no power would get to the motor. It sounds like an issue with the brake sensors, which I may have disturbed. As it was doing it while riding to do some shopping, I took a look around the connections to see if any thing was obviously at fault. That’s when I found the problem with the main motor connection. The motor is a Bafang 8Fun rear hub motor, and is brushless, so has the normal 3 coloured wires (yellow, green and blue). The motor is connected to the controller with three bullet connectors, very like the bullet connectors used in automotive connections. Unfortunately, they are not as high a quality, and are very thin metal. Maybe I didn’t push them together enough, maybe they bent slightly when I was connecting them, or just sprung loose but at least one of them had partially come apart, causing very high resistance, and causing the connector to heat up to the point where it melted the fluorescent green tubing which served as insulation, and the tubing on the neighbouring connectors. I checked Lynn’s bike and it was OK.

I have made a temporary fix to get me going, but as a permanent fix, rather than go for better quality bullet connectors, I have decided to go for colour coded 45amp Anderson Connectors! A bit overkill, but I am already using bullet connectors for other connections, and want something a bit more robust and with a better connection, with little chance of getting the connectors confused with anything else. Green, yellow and blue Anderson Connectors are available, and they will clip together into a nice 3 pin plug system. Obviously both bikes will get the same fix.

Not sure if I have fixed the problem, I fiddled with the inline brake sensors this morning, and it didn’t cut out on the morning commute, but when I tested it last night it did cut out. So the connections were a problem, but not the problem.

Oh yes, odometre shows 1013 km this morning – yeah!

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