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When I started building these bikes, there was a fair chunk of summer left to enjoy, but by the time they were roadworthy, the NZ winter had well and truly started. For those that don’t know about NZ weather, the NZ winter is a bit like a cold snap at the start of the UK Autumn, it can be windy, wet, and very occasionally frosty. This last two weeks it is has been all of them. Not being a masochist, when given the choice between 20 minutes riding in the rain, or a nice warm ride home in the Odyssey, the ride home often wins!

Having said all that, when the bike is at home rather than at the shop, the 10 minute ride to work is so short, that frosts and cold winds don’t really have time to register. I do however need the mudguards similar to the ones I fitted to Lynn’s bike, to reduce the spray and possible incursion of water into the electrics. NZ winter is also dark, not dark like December 21st in the UK, but now the solstice is over, I need lights riding home just after 5:00pm, and in the mornings, any riding before 7:30 am would need lights too. That will get better as time goes by. So Lynn is not commuting on her bike yet, as she starts at 6:45 am and is a 30 minute ride away. She moves to a new office in August, a possible time to start commuting even though it is only two minutes away from the old office.

The Continental Touring Plus tyres are excellent on the bikes, lots of grip even in the wet, and slightly “plumper” than normal 700c tyres, so absorb the shocks better. Any higher rolling resistance is absorbed by the divine assistance. Wearing full waterproofs and work boots when riding, even against head winds is not a problem either, the divine assistance just removes the wind resistance, and other than getting a little warmer, I arrive at work feeling quite good and still reasonably fresh.

Looking outside the shop it is raining again, as it has been on and off for three or four days, so no riding today, which is a real shame, because I love riding my e-bike! Maybe I will put the water proofs on and just pop down to the coffee cart at lunchtime!

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