Electric Bikes – wear and tear

So with over 5000kms on the clock, all of which carrying a 100kg bloke with an aggressive streak when it comes to riding, my electric motor is starting to sound a little clunky, literally. It started when I was testing a connection a few weeks ago, and when the motor was running at full speed but with no load, a loud ticking sound was heard from the rear hub motor. Over the weeks it has got worse, until now it happens almost all the time, except perhaps under the highest load at the lowest speed, and its changed from an audible click to a physical clunk every wheel revolution, which is both audible and can be felt through the saddle!
The only parts that can really go wrong in a hub motor are the bearings and the nylon planetary gears in the reduction gearbox. The bearings sound and feel good, so in all likelihood I have started stripping teeth off the gears.
I have ordered a set of 3 replacement gears from Green Bike Kit in China, and I am awaiting their arrival. I am getting the 42 tooth gears, as I have a Bafang CST motor. Hopefully it is only the nylon gears, I haven’t taken it apart yet, so it was a bit of a risk. More soon, they are on their way, but post from China is variable to say the least!

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