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What is it with suppliers of e-bike parts? If I can pick a part off a web based catalogue, order it and pay for it, the part arrives, works and all is good.

If I try to communicate via email, asking for advice with regards the way forward to achieve what I want, using parts that they sell, everything I write is totally ignored, and they try to sell me something I have no interest in. Can they not read, can’t they be bothered thinking, or just not interested but don’t want to tell me? So far three suppliers, two here in NZ, and one in Hong Kong recommended by a comment on my blog have completely ignored every word I said and lost my business. Sad really. The guy in Hong Kong is an ex-pat englishman, one of the NZ guys is an expat American I think, and the other is a Kiwi I think, so its not a nationality thing, is it just the sort of people who get into electric bike supply business?

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