Electric bikes – spring is here!

Yeah, actually worked up a sweat on the big hill today, my cycle computer said 15.5 degrees C at 8:45!

Nearly 600km on the odo, and last night, for the first time ever, I overtook another cyclist! I have seen many cyclists going the other way (or a few cyclist many times) but never going the same way. Last night I came up behind a guy on a racing bike at a T junction, I got the jump on him as I rolled through the junction, I was in the right gear and he wasn’t, and when the power kicked in a couple of seconds later, I was 200 metres ahead (alright, that took a bit longer). Looking forward to surprising many more as the weather gets warmer, it’s been a long lonely winter on the roads.


Edit 04/09/2014 – so just 24 hours later, I passed someone on my way up Whitford Brown! Both of us in the same age bracket, both slogging up the hill, working hard, breathing hard, but I was going twice as fast!

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