Electric Bikes – spring again

As I post the updated odometer reading to the e-bike blog, I realise that I have done 1000 kms during July, August and September – a New Zealand winter. It’s not been a particularly harsh winter, nor did it seem that long, but even so I am quite pleased to have used the bike quite that much in the three winter months. Last Friday, after cycling to the shop, I rode into Porirua to do some banking, I then visited a customer a couple of kms in the other direction, then I met Lynn in Plimmerton in the evening, and after having Pizza at the Big Salami, we rode home around the Pauatahanui inlet. Grand total for the day 40kms, not a huge amount, but quite good for a work day!

The clocks have gone forward, which means Lynn is riding in the dark in the mornings again, at least for a couple more weeks. She enjoys the quiet, focused time she gets at this time of the day (6:30 am) with little traffic and the occasional commuting cyclist. I had to put new batteries in her rear light, the first in about a year. She must be getting close to 6000kms on her bike, catching up with me again. So long as I can keep up with the maintenance, I can see us putting another 1000kms each three  months for the next year or so! 10,000kms by next June?

On the subject of maintenance, Lynn thinks I should get a bike maintenance stand, which I quite fancy. Just a question of finding one that will manage the 23kgs our bikes weigh without the batteries.

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