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After a week of commuting (well 4 days of it) in a mixed bag of weather, the weekend was actually quite pleasant. On Saturday morning, Lynn was at work, and while I had a stack of stuff to do at home, I decided a trip into Porirua to do some shopping was much more interesting! The nice thing about a trip to Porirua is going through Bothamly Park, which goes from Warspite Ave to almost Mepham Place, and follows a scenic stream valley behind the major suburb which is Porirua East. From there, its across the Motorway, Railway Line and Porirua Stream using The Ramp, to join the cycle path (Te Ara Tawa) for the trip to Kenepuru Station, and from there to Moore Wilsons, our shop of choice for those special items which are not available at your regular stores. I went a bit mad, picking up 3kg of potatoes and a 5kg box of Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate as well as 3 litres of milk, 1kg of various meats and a big Bavaria Loaf!

I had a rucksack with me, so I strapped the box of drinking chocolate to the top of the paniers, put the rest in the rucksack, and set off to Lynn’s work, in order to ride home with her when she finished. Rather than struggle with main roads, I went over Raiha Street, and used Prosser St and Herriot Drive.

On the way home, we went over The Ramp, up the track to Adrenalin Forest, and then up Frances Brown Drive and through Aotea (stopping at Charlies for a coffee and a pie!). Nothing exceptional, except for the extra 11kg of weight on the bike, which meant slow going up Francis Brown and Warspite and Omapere St. I enjoyed the shopping trip, but not carrying the weight, so I/we have decided some sort of bike trailer would be good, something we could both use as required for carrying shopping etc. More soon on this topic.

On Sunday, Lynn fancied a walk up Battle Hill, and we decided to bike there. Its not a long way, nor a hard ride, being at the end of the flat part of the Paekakariki Hill Rd. We have done it on non-electric bikes before, and its a bit of a chore, being very gently uphill the whole way, and not steep enough to get any fun out of coming back down, so 10km of none stop pedaling!  We meandered through Whitby to get to Pauatahanui, and from there rode up to Battle Hill Farm Forest Park. It’s just under 10kms, and took us just 31 minutes. Traffic was light and well behaved, so a nice journey. We locked the bikes up at the Park Ranger’s Office, and set off, and after1 km came back to retrieve the camera from the unlocked panniers on my bike. We set off again, and a great walk to the top of Battle Hill, and then back down through Swamp Gully, just 7 or 8 kms we think. Back at the bikes, we got ready and set off back  down the road, and after 3km, turned round, came back and retrieved my phone which was sitting on the bench outside the ranger’s office! Not my day.

On the way home we stopped at Ground Up in Pauatahanui for a coffee and a scone, then back home. So 26kms on the bikes, 9km walking, quite a nice interlude in the day, and still no work done at home! So to finish the day off we watched highlights of  Stage 14 and Stage 13 of the Tour de France 2016, enjoying immensely watching Tom Dumoulin, Cavendish and Froome all doing their own particular type of cycling so well. A great weekend of cycling related activities. There was 6300 kms on the odo this morning after the ride to work.


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