Electric bikes – riding in weather

The long weekend mentioned below turned out to be not so good for cycling – too many other things intefered!

Spring has been very strange, we have had so much really horrendous wind lately, some of which has stopped us riding a bit, but not all the time. Combine the wind with some really wet days, and it does discourage you from getting out there!

I was reading a bunch of comments on an article about e-bike sales where bad weather was given as a reason for not e-biking, and the benefits of biking in wet weather were discussed, and I realised that there are three real benefits of e-biking. Firstly, hills are flattened, and the steepest hills become more rideable. Secondly, normal winds become negligible, and even real strong winds become more bearable. Lastly, getting togged up for the weather, with scarfs, gloves, warm coats, reflective rain coats is just so much more attractive when being the same shape and wind resistance as the Michelin man is just not relevant! The clothing does not feel as restrictive or as heavy when the e-bike is carrying the weight. Wet and windy weather is just something you get ready for and enjoy, rather than something that makes the commute miserable!



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3 comments on “Electric bikes – riding in weather
  1. Vic says:

    It is soul-destroying when you have a head wind in both directions…

  2. Dave says:

    Maybe when you are young and fitter that southerly may not be an issue, when you are older and sail shaped, that southerly turns into a northerly on the way home!

  3. Vic says:

    Oh I dunno… There is something quite satisfy about battling a southerly storm on a normal bike… especially since you spend the whole day looking forward to the tail wind on the way home! Wheeeee!

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