Electric bikes – random odometer reading

Riding into work this morning, I randomly pressed the mode button on my cycle computer, from Trip to Odometer, and it read 5555.5 kilometres! Couldn’t photograph it, as I was doing 30kph at the time.

The motor has settle down since its gear replacement, much quieter now, and very smooth. The batteries are also behaving flawlessly after the replacement of all the connectors with much better ones. Lynn has now done over 4500km on her bike, after being off it for a few months last year, so between us we have done over 10,000kms!

We are seriously starting to look at alternatives, Lynn would like something easier to control the speed on, and something a bit lighter. Mine is just starting to show its age, it works hard carrying 133kg (me and the bike) over 171 metres of hills everyday!

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