Electric Bikes – on the road

I swapped the controller from Lynn’s bike to mine, strapped on the “safe case” battery, and went for my first ride. Then quickly  back to the shop to turn the PAS sensor round on the cranks as pedal assistance when pedaling backwards does not make  a lot of sense. Then a short ride taking in a hill or two just to check things worked as expected, and it was mostly good. Just a few problems changing gear, the rear derailleurs needed some adjustment.

So at lunchtime, I went off for a coffee just 2.5km down the road and came back via the local dairy in Papakowhai – my first ride with a purpose!

I adjusted the rear derailleurs, the adjuster was fully screwed out of the unit, so was not doing the job it was meant to. I disconnected the cable, screwed the relevant bits back together again, making sure there was adjustment in both directions, checked the throw stops to make sure nothing was going to go through the wheel etc, reattached the cable and check the indexing to make sure it threw into each gear OK – all systems go. With electric assist, there is no real need for the front derailleurs, I am just keeping it on the middle chainwheel at the moment, but it’s there if I want it.

Yesterday I needed a Micro SD card for a customer immediately, so I rode the 5km to Porirua to get one, then rode up to Lynn’s work to have a coffee. After coffee I rode back to the shop against a real headwind. Total 10km, time about 26 minutes, about 80 metres of climb and 30k head wind – all very easy!

The battery was showing low charge while ascending hills on the way back, but back up to maximum when at rest. I have given it a charge.

Still lots to learn about riding e-bikes, but it could be fun!

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