Electric Bikes – long weekend coming up!

It has been a strange week, it feels like I haven’t been on the bike much. On Monday, I had the car at the shop for the day, can’t remember why, but I did drop Andrew off at work in Porirua. Tuesday I used the bike I think. Wednesday, Andrew looked after the shop, and I did some errands, like going to the tip with rubbish, picking up some sign stuff from Sign Supplies, but in the afternoon, Lynn took the car for a physio appointment for her mum, so I cycled to the shop to relieve Andrew and close up. Thursday I had a sign job to do in the afternoon, so took the car so that I could get tools and stuff to the job. Friday it started out wet and cold, so I thought I would take the car in case Lynn wanted a lift home! Today is glorious, so I am back on the bike, but when Lynn got up at 6:00 am, it was wet and cold so she took the car, which was the first time this week for her.

So my mileage was a bit down this week, but Lynn must have done at least 100km this week. My odo now reads 1117km.

This weekend is Labour day here in NZ, so we get Monday off. The kitchen cupboards I have been building for a few weeks now should be fully installed this weekend, and other than replacing my broken lawnmower, we should have enough time to do a decent ride somewhere on the bikes. Since the end of June when the bikes were finished, as well as being mostly winter, we have had no holidays at all. Spring is here, we have an extra day off – time to use the e-bikes properly!

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