Electric bikes – justice?

Today I went into Porirua to do some banking. I arrived at a left turn into a T junction, and had seen the car waiting to turn right into the same road with a give way line in front of him, and I knew there was nothing behind me, so I was a little wary. However, I was actually half way round the corner when the driver decided there was still time to get around in front of me and went for it. Of course I braked, took avoiding action, and swore silently but in a way that would embarrass a lip reader. As I straightened up and followed him up the road (past the police station) a police car was exactly opposite us heading into the T. I thought no more about it, after all its a fairly common occurrence, and with the change of the right turn rule being just a few years ago, some people may call it an honest mistake.

I carried on to the bank, dropped off the takings, and 4 minutes later was coming back the same way, and there was a police car, lights going, parked behind the offending car where it had parked just after cutting me up. The police officer checked me out as I rode past, so I avoided grinning, giving the thumbs up or shouting Thank You loudly! Maybe he was pulling the driver up for something else, or maybe he had found something else to book him for. Either way, a slightly warm fuzzy feeling was enjoyed.

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