Electric bikes – first commute

After our electrifying success charging the batteries (god that is sad!) this morning I rode the bike to the shop. 4.8km by the main roads, but that would mean mixing it with buses, schoolchildren delivery vehicles and 40 ton trucks, so I used a route with significantly more climb, 6.9km with some offroad work. Great fun, 51m of climb, 108m of descent, max speed 43.6km. and I didn’t go below 12kph except at road junctions. 20 minutes for the ride, and the temperature was 5 degrees centigrade (my lovely wife bought me a flash cycle computer for Christmas!).

A couple of the hills are real testers, I struggle to push the bike up one of them some days, but I rode to the top today. Got a bit sweaty and out of breath, so not sure it is what electric bikes are supposed to be about! The rest of it was great though. I’ll try a longer, higher but less steep alternative tomorrow.

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