Electric Bikes – cost

I have just done a spreadsheet of all the costs involved in getting these bike on the road, which breaks down as follows

1. Actual cost of parts used on the converted bikes. This includes connectors, and a few other consumables which we may have a few left of, which may get used in other projects.  $3051.95.

2. parts ordered in error, supplied faulty, were a good idea at the time but we went another way etc. $420.07

3. Other parts acquired for the bikes, but not essential for the e-bike conversion, includes tyres and tubes, centre stands, bike lamps and locks, mudguards and a new helmet each for us both. $713.56

4. Sundry tools, crank remover, freewheel remover, 18mm spanner, heat gun nozzle (soldering and shrink wrapping). $128.86

5. Consumables – heat shring tubeand some connectors used temporarily. $29.90

So total cost to date is $4595.08, with a few more costs still to come (another good quality bike lamp, another set of mudguards).

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