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I have just completed by 5th commuting ride, and the 4th since I topped up the batteries and reset the cycle computer.

Total distance on the charge so far is 32 km, total elevation gained is 436 metres, average speed is 18.6 kph. The battery is still showing full at rest and has a resting voltage of 39.2 V, but on the steepest of hills it is showing only one light, and on a very easy climb its down to 3 lights.

I can probably get another day out of it, or maybe just one more journey, but I think I will charge it again anyway.

I am taking a very steep way to and from work, mainly to avoid traffic, but I went on another slightly different traffic avoiding route this morning, and probably saw more traffic than on the main road. Using the main road knocks 10 minutes off the journey, and I am on the main road for just 4 minutes. It is amazing what I can now ride up, with “divine assistance”. Long leg killing hills are now long leg killing hills that I take at 13-18kph, and even the very steepest slopes are taken at around 12kph.

Traffic is also much easier now and while not traveling at traffic speeds, progress is faster, and it is much easier to slot into gaps to pull out safely around parked cars, and less time is spent exposed in simple manoeuvres like overtaking parked cars, roundabouts and other junctions. You do have to watch out for idiots in the morning though, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are all still asleep, and a fast moving silent cyclist is just so unexpected, especially when he looks like an old geezer, wrapped up in dozens of layers, sitting upright on a comfort bike.

A van with misted over front windows nearly drove into the back of a parked car the other day, he had just pulled out in front of me, and we were fairly much going at the same speed. He locked up, slewed sideways, and if I had been a bit closer I may have piled into the back of him too. Fortunately, being on the bike, I could see what he could see through the van windows, so was ready for him. I knew that defensive driving course would pay off one day.




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