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The battery saga below is ongoing. The broken BMS in Lynn’s battery has now destroyed three cells. The new BMS has arrived and is fitted, but with only 11 good cells, it’s not much use! I am using the second battery while Lynn can’t ride her bike due to a wrist splint she is wearing, so I am mobile again.

Back on the 21st Feb, I ordered another two batteries, this time from EV assemble, at the time I wasn’t sure whether the batteries had been supplied bad or were destroyed by my incompetence, so I decided to try someone else. I should have checked out EV assemble’s reputation on the web, but I didn’t. Big mistake, this company is not well thought of, very poor service and very poor quality goods.

Unfortunately, the chinese lunar new year started on or about the 21st, and while looking up details about evassemble, I found posts from last year, where I found that China basically shuts down for 15 days, and EV assemble is no exception. Other people had experienced what I am experiencing.

After 10 days of no communication whatsoever, I sent a couple of emails, and 4 days later after no response, I raised a dispute with Paypal. This is almost guaranteed to get a response, I have used it twice now, and the first time I got fervent apologies and good despatched within a few hours. Not so with evassemble.

The first communication on the 6th March was asking me for more money, as the website had calculated the required shipping incorrectly. This is par for the course with shipping batteries, nobody factors in the extra costs of paperwork and packaging for LiFePO4 batteries, despite them apparently selling many of them. I was also requested to close the dispute. As you only get one go at a dispute with Paypal, there was no way I was closing this dispute until the batteries arrived. If I had closed it, I had no way of getting my money back if the batteries did not turn up!

The next communication is copied below :-


Thank you for your understanding with the shiping cost.Our manager don’t agree to send the shipment if the order have been in a dispute.We can ship it once the case have been cancled,it will have tracking NO in 1 days.
We are sorry for the delay.Because of the China Lunar New Year was just end,the shiping is still high,we want to see if it will decrease or not..If it is decrease we no need to ask for more shiping.But it is not.
We are willing to refund two payment of this order.Please try to understand.
Best Regards
Needless to say I have asked for a full refund of both payments and for the order to be cancelled.
Once the money is repaid, I will order from somewhere else. Maybe a bit harsh given the chines new year situation, but having started the dispute, and their reaction to it, I feel safer getting my money back and starting again.
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  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for that, it’s always good to learn about better suppliers. I have to admit, I did very little real research when I bought my parts, and obviously made lots of mistakes. I am lucky that we finally ended up with two working bikes that we love to ride! The whole thing was a big adventure, and like any interest that involves expensive equipment, I was working on the principal of buying everything twice anyway!

    However, we are planning our next bikes and they will be central motors, and hopefully we can move up a couple of generations in batteries too. Unfortunately the site you mention does not do the types of batteries I use (I assemble my own so that individual cells can be checked and replaced if necessary), but the Bafang centre drives are of interest.

    Great website (slowcycles.com) by the way, I will read it thoroughly in the next couple of days!


  2. Claude says:

    Hi David,

    I know your post is a few months old, but if you buy batteries from China, go with Paul at http://em3ev.com in Shanghai. He is a bit more expensive, but he is an Englishman who understands Western expectations of business and really knows his batteries. He has invested in the right equipment (we visited him on an ebike tour of China and we were very impressed). He stands behind his products with no need to threaten Paypal, and the shipping price does not change after you pay. We recently had a problem with a Mac motor, sent it back… he found the problem was some insulator-cut wires probably damaged in shipping. Repaired at no charge. We have never had a battery claim. Since 2012, we have bought 35 batteries from him (we are a charitable trust and put together a group buy).

    We bought our first battery from BMS Battery. Soon the BMS fried. We had done nothing other than plug it into the motor they sold us (very weak even though rated at 350W) and charge it using their charger. On taking it apart (on their instruction so as to not void the warranty), the black burn mark on the board was evident. They agreed to send us a second BMS under warranty but we had to pay the shipping. When it arrived, it had different wiring, so it was not a plug-and-play, but internal soldering. Then a few months later, the on-off switch fried in the on position. Then the connectors began to melt… as is typical in China, once the engineers finish the design, the company owners see if they can shave a few pennies by buying lower-spec parts. The connectors and wires were just too thin for the load flowing through, but they don’t melt until after the warranty period. We gave up and sold it cheap to a geek who loves messing around with stuff like that.

    Also, if your bottom bracket is giving you trouble, you may want to look to replacing hub motors with the mid-mount Bafang BBS01 or 02 motors (Paul sells these as well). They replace your bottom bracket, and the controller is built into the housing. Like the batteries, we’ve had no warranty issues with the 31 Bafang motors he sent us.

    Also, he programs them for optimal performance… better than the factory settings. If you want to be legal, buy the 36V 250W motor and ask Paul to set it to 16.5A which boosts it to 300W (the 250 and 350 are the same motor, the former is set at 15A and the latter at 18. If you ride off road or don’t worry about NZ law, the BBS02 48V (500-750W depending on software setting) gives that extra bit of push up the hills, but it costs a bit more for the motor (different internals), and of course it’s a bigger battery.

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