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I have had one or two people comment on this blog, possibly the total audience, who knows? Electric bike riders seem to enjoy blogging, some about the build, some about the riding. Obviously I like to do both, but my riding is fairly boring, mainly commuting to and from work, along the same routes each day. Other people use their e-bikes quite differently, and I enjoy dipping into their blogs on a regular basis.

On a grand international scale, there are the E-Bike tourists who are as I write nearly 21,000 kms into what was an attempt on the world record for e-bike distance riding, but which turned into a continuing longest e-bike ride when they passed the previous record. Always worth a read, Gary writes well, and Rachel makes great videos, always with a wonderful choice of music.

On a much more local, achievable scale, Désirée blogs about rides around the Wellington NZ area, using folding e-bikes. She and John, her photographer companion, have Gold cards, which give them free travel on the local trains, and the folding bikes means they can always take their bikes on the train, even if the maximum bike number has been passed. They are part of a group called the Folding Goldies!

There are many others, use you favourite search engine to find a few more.

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