Electric Bikes – 1000km approaches

So with 3.5 months of use, commuting 17km a day with 200 metres of climb, I have just topped 900km on the odometer, with an average speed of 26.7kph. With spring here, it is all becoming a lot more pleasant, and that last 100km won’t take long.

Here is a MapMyRun log of my commute home.

Maybe because of the climb, maybe because I like to keep the assistance level quite high (Medium, out of Low, Medium and High) while commuting, I am getting an easy 40km out of each charge, but don’t want to push it any further. At 31kg (70lbs) the bike is a bit heavy for pedaling up hills without assistance!

Lynn’s mother has finally got enough movement back after her broken collar bone for Lynn to go back to her normal hours, and despite the clocks going forward because of summertime plunging her morning ride into darkness, she is now commuting the 17.8km a day several days a week. With one battery charger out of action, it can be fun some evenings getting both bikes fit for the next day.

We are getting really interested in a mid-mount motor system, which drives the chain wheel, assisting the pedaling directly. We thought maybe a 20 inch wheel  unisex type bike, even at 1.83 metres, I can use a Raleigh 20 or similar quite comfortably, and with quick adjustment of the seat and handlebars, so can Lynn at 1.53 metres! Ideally it would have a 7 speed internal geared hub for simplicity but flexibility, but we could start with a 3 speed. We would probably keep it at the shop for those days when we need to have a car but want to have a bike around.

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