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With the build finished Lynn and I should start getting some serious riding in, starting this weekend hopefully.

Besides getting used to riding the bikes and their capabilities, we will also be looking at range. I  got these batteries in February as a kit set, and the cells came fully charged, in fact probably overcharged. Nominally the cells are 3v, making for a 36v battery pack, but when I put them together, the total voltage was 42v! Even now, 4 months later, at least 20-30km on each battery, no charging has been possible, as the green light comes on straight away. A multimeter shows the batteries are still at 39V. Eventually of course they will need charging, but I am pretty certain that we will never get them past 39V ever again! I need to learn more about LiFePO4 batteries and charging them – I may need a better charger than the cheap thing I got with the battery cells.

At lunchtime today, I took a trip down to the supermarket, normally an hour round trip walking, but got there and back in just 20 mins, including the shopping. It’s not a long or hard ride, mostly flat in fact, but the divine assistance just takes the edge off the slight inclines and the troublesome sea winds we get around here. I only use the throttle for pulling away at lights etc, when I have stopped in the wrong gear, or I need to get my feet back in the pedal clips.

Longer trips to Porirua, about 12km round trip, with about 50metres of climb are great fun, upping the power levels on the longer or steeper hills, or for that final 5 mins back to the shop for a bit of fun!

The ultimate objective is to use the bikes for commuting to and from the shop, or in Lynn’s case, to and from work, but I feel we leave that until we have daylight at both ends of the day, probably in September or so.

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