I recently got a malware infection on my laptop, which I promptly dealt to with the usual array of products – SuperAntiSpyware, SpyBot, Avast 5, Malwarebytes, and seemed to get rid  of the infection OK. However, I continued to get random redirects to advertising sites, via the website. Another round of checks got rid of another couple of infections, and eventually I got the ‘all clear’, but still the redirects. There are many sites with information on this, but the fix that seemed to work for me was completely clearing all the temporary files on the laptop, after which a run of malwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware came up clean, and so far no re-occurrence of the problem.

This utility is an easy way of removing everything from the temp files, and it has now been put into my USB toolbox for use on client’s machines.


Dave Glover is a director of Signs of Success Ltd. married to Lynn (the other director of SOS) with 3 grown up kids. We live in Whitby, in New Zealand. After 30+ years in IT as everything from Trainee Programmer to Project Manager, Dave now runs a Computer Maintenance and Sign Making shop near his home.

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