Counterfeit Laptop Power Supplies

A few months ago, I supplied a Dell charger and battery for an older laptop. Because I wanted to get them at the same time, with a single postage charge, and the battery was quite difficult to find, when I found a site that had both available, namely, I ordered them both. I realised this is a Chinese site with an NZ website  address, but I have had no difficulties with these types of suppliers in the past, especially when dealing with hard to get stuff.

All this started to wrong when they contacted me and told me that the battery was not available, would I like a full refund or to just get the charger. Being impatient, I decided to continue with the charger and just pay for it. I ordered the battery elsewhere.

When they both arrived, the customer brought back the loan charger I had supplied, and took the battery and charger away untested. A few weks later I got an email about the charger and battery not working, and another few weeks later, the laptop and charger was dropped off. Simple testing showed that the charger was providing some volts and amps, but was not being recognised as a Dell charger, so it was faulty in some way.

The new charger weighs significantly less than an original charger, but I thought that was down to new technology. A closer inspection of the labels shows that all the Dell trademarks etc look genuine, but the English on the label is terrible – Techogogy instead of Technology, Inddor instead of Indoor and some other spelling mistakes. See the photos above

So Adapter Shop Co,. Ltd as their invoice reads, is selling counterfeit Dell chargers as real ones. I doubt I will get any money back on this one, so a lesson has been learned.

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