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SMS on the PC

I find myself getting more and more jobs where the only contact I get is a cell phone number, and while I will call the number if necessary, a 10 second call to tell someone their PC is ready costs

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Windows 10 self installing

I have had a few customers come in telling me that Windows 10 installed itself, and no disrespect to the customers, I took what they said with a grain of salt. However, the latest customer who rang and asked for

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Windows 10 update issues, March 2016

I have had a spate of issues with Windows 10 computers recently, with symptoms such as not shutting down, not restarting, black screen on restarting, very, very slow running and a few others. The common thread in them all seems

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Electric Bikes – high current connectors

Electric bikes don’t use excessively high ampages, or at least they shouldn’t in theory. A 300w motor on a 36v battery, should use just 300/36 amps, or 8.333 amps. Of course this is not how smart motors work, nor how

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Multi Cell Voltmeter

The big order of Arduino related products has started to arrive, the key components, the Arduino mega 2560 clone and the TFT LCD screen arrived two days ago, along with some of the voltage sensors, and most of the jumper

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New Project – Electric Bikes, Arduino and Programming

Exciting times – a new project, bringing together Electric Bikes, Computers and Programming! During my troubles with batteries (which are pretty much sorted now) I realised I needed a way of looking at the voltage of all the 12 cells,

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Windows 10 issues

Despite it being wonderful, some issues are starting to be noticed. I have seen two so far. The first affects Outlook 2010 in Windows 10, in particular sending new emails. Sending replies and forwards is no issue, just new emails.

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Windows 10 is here

With very little fanfare, Windows 10 has been released onto the world. Most people will not see it for a while, as Microsoft are “phasing” the roll out to save the internet from dying under the extra load. However, the

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Windows 10 – nearly there

Last week I downloaded and installed the latest release of the insider preview of Windows 10, possibly the last release on the “slow ring” before the final release on 29th July 2015. As you would expect it corrected the couple

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Raspberry PI 2 – nearly there!

Last week I got the Kore remote app working on my phone and my tablet, and I thought that was clever. Over the weekend I plugged in a Microsoft Media Center IR and used the Media Center remote, with no

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